Once I had a blog, in fact at one stage I had two cooking blogs.  I enjoyed working on them, researching the origins and gastronomic history of a dish, sourcing additional images and videos, cooking the recipe from scratch, sometimes several times, so as to capture various stages of the preparation.

Then life intervened and I no longer had enough time to put together the kind of blog post I liked. So I let one blog fade away and kept the other one on line without adding more posts.

Right now I am so busy running classes that in my leisure time I like to meet up with friends, to keep up my precious yoga and aqua gym, to travel a little, to catch a movie or an art exhibition. In other words, still not enough time to maintain a blog on a regular basis!

So I decided to include here some of the recipes from my surviving blog; just three to start with, a few more to come. I hope you enjoy them.

Baked Tiella with Mussels

Great Garganelli

cookitaly Bologna shrimp risotto

Risotto with Mantis Shrimp